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  • Vue + press


  • Angular Workshop 2 days Swisscom


  • Marketing Operations - Verwendung neuer Marketing Technologien

    Erfahrungen im Marketing Operations - Verwendung neuer Marketing Technologien

  • Develop Scalable User Interfaces - 50min

  • Mastering Angular Components

  • Angular 2 Advanced Workshop

  • It's about people, not technology

    Everybody is trying to keep up with the latest technology trends and gadgets, but the key factor is the people: Technology is only a means to tell your story and enable both employees and customers. We will talk about why and how you need to focus more on people instead of technology.

  • Loading Modules Everywhere!

    There are many ways to deal with modules today. This presentation aims to show why SystemJS is not just an other module loader / bundler.

  • CSS at Scale Workshop

    Lerne wie du CSS mit einer Leichtigkeit ändern, erweitern und vereinfachen kannst, um moderne, gut strukturierte und modulare Projekte zu erstellen

  • Develop Scalable User Interfaces

  • Componentize Your Development!

    Components have become a core asset of most modern frameworks like React or Angular. Even the web standard is evolving into a component based direction with the Web Components proposals. What’s behind this movement in user interface development? In this framework agnostic talk, Gion will outline some of the main principles behind component based UI development. Learn how to benefit from well designed components and start writing composable and highly re-usable web applications.

  • Angular 2 Workshop

  • Angular 2 Workshop Old

  • Experience Mapping Workshop

  • SVG in the Browser

    Create Graphical Content in the Browser with SVG

  • R.I.P. REM, Viva CSS Reference Pixel!

  • FrontStart

  • Anatomy of Web Design I

  • Basics of User Experience

  • GIT ramp-up

  • Unleash Your Creativity with Angular.js